The Crying Girl

The Crying Girl

I’m a big believer in fate, karma and opportunity…especially when it all comes together. For instance, I’ve been shopping sales lately…lots and lots of sales….and I caught the one at Maitreya…and damn, what a sale! 50 – 75% off EVERYTHING in the store….incredible! I was wondering where I’d wear this awesome Mignon dress I picked up when I happened over to Elephante’s 1st Anniversary sale….50% off poses! Yayyyyy! So anyway, I pop in at Elephante and here’s this giant statue in the courtyard and it looks familiar. My friend Darth happens to have the same statue on his sim! What are the odds? So I spend some linden and scoop up some awesome sauce poses and start to wonder where I can wear my dress. The choice was obvious…fate was calling its name. I went over to LennonParkOnTheRock and searched around till I found the Crying Girl statue….not so easy to do as it was submerged in water and tucked behind a cliff. I went through my new poses and picked this one cause it fit so well with the girl…and there’s an owl on her head too. Damn owl scared the bejesus out of me when he flew at me (stupid owl), but I’m brave and clicked away at some shots. I was kinda surprised at how nice the pic came out since I was really winging it…and doesn’t it look like I’m offering a hug? 🙂

Locations and links:

Pose? Elephante Poses

Location? LennonParkOnTheRock

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