Box Guy

Box Guy

I live on the Mainland, always have. I’ve actually had my beach in Rideau now for almost 4 years. I started small and grew it over time, and now my sanctuary runs from protected oceanfront to Route 8, a great Linden road on the continent of Sansara. If you’ve ever traveled around mainland you’ve noticed lots of oddities and whatnots. When I decided I wanted a swamp I figured the best place for it was along the road. Now along the back part of my new proposed swamp was a little 16m sq. of land that I did not own, sitting smack by road and surrounded on 2 sides by my land….and it had an ad box on it. Go figure that it did not match my swamp theme…so I did what everyone else does….I put chit up around it….big chit. Suddenly there were mountainous walls surrounding my swamp that ran all along the road (I’m from southern Louisiana and I’m here to tell you there are no mountains anywhere near a swamp…but enough of reality). The protected part around the Linden roads are jagged…like triangles…and I may have scootched my mountains over a tad into their corners…leaving the root prim firmly planted on my land of course….but none of it was actually on the road.

Anyway, I’m minding my business landscaping one day when I get this loud capped message telling me my chit is on Linden property. A Linden who loud caps? Nooooo….I perv and see its some guy standing on the road. I may have been a tad sarcastic and dismissive…and he may have ramped up the loud capping. It was drama-laden there in rural nowhere for a couple minutes…then he did it….threatened to AR me. That just scared me senseless…cause we all know how quickly the Lindens act on these life and death matters and how seriously they take them (insert sarcastic eye-roll here). And jeez…I was like…an inch or two over their little corners! Then it hit me…the humor of it…and I got so tickled I couldn’t stop laughing. I may have asked this guy if he was undercover road prim police or something. No, he says…”I own the box by your land”. Even funnier! He’s the freaking box guy I had been silently cursing and camouflaging all this time. He was one of those peeps who junk up the mainland with ads…and he was censoring me! I shifted to charming and humorous and within an hour he was im’ing in nice normal tense..and apologized for the loud capping. He made an excellent point that many people do take advantage of overstepping their land…and it doesn’t always look as nice as mine did. I moved my mountains back and he put a matching texture on the back and top of his box to help it blend in. We became friends and talk, shop, explore and exchange recipes now….how awesome is that! He recently offered me the land his box sits on so I didn’t have to landscape around it…but ya know what…I like it now. I sit on it sometimes and watch the traffic go by and chat with neighbors across the street. I also like the connection it gives me with Reef(formally known as Box Guy). See how good karma, fate and opportunity can come together?

On a side note…I recently took my mountains down along Route 8. The guy across the street took down his ginormous building and is putting up a nice ranch house, so I figured it was time. A lot of people travel the road and its always interesting to see who goes by…and sometimes they stop and chat a bit on their exploration. Besides…whats the point of living right on the road if you can’t enjoy it. 🙂

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