Come away with me

Come away with me

So I’ve been playing with the phototools and messing with shadows and such a lot lately….working on the photography skills. I’ve had this pose for a while now and have been looking for a good way to use it when Jarath subtly (“When are you going to take my picture??”) hinted that he wanted to be in a picture. Funny, cause you never think that guys want to stand around for that length of time while you get it the way you want it (after 500 shots). I made him strip…easiest request ever…and go into the ocean by the beach. I’m so lucky to own protected ocean front mainland….I have a fabulous view and I still get to have cool neighbors and random psycho’s (arm the penis shooters!). I took lots of shots using the different windlights….but I really like this one….the shadows on the water did it for me. I put some of the others on my Flickr and you’re welcome to go look at them to see the differences. Many thanks to my hunnibunni Jarath for being so patient (he thinks I don’t know that he took a front shot and put it in his picks….men and boobies…jeez).

Location: Sanctuary
Come visit!!!

Windlight used: Shadowset (I slid the slider bar over to the left some to get the shadows the way I wanted them…who knew you could do that!!)

Hair by Magika – Rewind

Pose by LOVEmeBRUTAL – Stand by me
only L50 on the marketplace!

my flickr:

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