So what do guys wear under kilts?

So what do guys wear under kilts?

Remember the hotness rule about a guy in a cowboy hat…..same goes for a guy in a kilt….damn. I always wondered if that’s what guys think about chicks in a skirt…its just freaking hot. My friend Marky is a live performer and opened up a new pub in SL last week with a friend of his. Its called Off Kilter and its just the coolest place. Marky invited me to the grand opening, which he sang at, and I was one of a handful of non-Scots (is that a politically correct term?)in the room. Following chat was like herding cats…I just gave up trying to understand the terminology (and I kept saying “this is English, this is English, you speak this language) and enjoyed the music and the kilts. I’m gonna go on the assumption that its a pretty good replica of a Scottish pub, never having been to one there. I’ve been to my share elsewhere a time or two *cough* *cough* and it feels right. I wonder if it would smell the same? I really tried to camera around…but damn….Marky was singing (which is just the most wonderful sound) and the place was filled with guys in kilts! So win-win for me! I may or may not have attempted a few interesting camera angles to check out the lining *cough* *cough* of the kilts.

Location: Off Kilter Scottish Pub

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