Did someone call for a taxi?

Did someone call for a taxi?

This is why I love living on the mainland. The weirdest chit happens. The back of my land is on Route 8, a fabulously traveled Linden road where random odd vehicles go by all the time. I’m checking on my Dwarfins (I know, I know….don’t judge) and out of the corner of my eye I see this spot of yellow go by. Thinking I had a runaway Dwarfin (the bastids are always trying to go across the road to check out my neighbor Eddie’s horses). I go to investigate and I find this wayward little vw bug chugging along on one of my paths. I swear it was a LoveBug moment…remember Herbie? All he needed was a paint job and a cute honk. He was so cheerful bopping along there…and like an idiot, I followed. He would get caught in some spots but he would keep pushing till he was clear and tooled around the back of my property for a good long while, rolling over the alligators in the swamp and the fishies in the bayou. Dax, another neighbor (another reason I LOVE living on the mainland….neighbors!) came by and tried to help me shoo the little taxi that could up the side of an embankment and back onto the road. We even tried getting into him and driving him up…apparently we are both really, really bad drivers….cause we just got nowhere fast. We finally left the little taxi to his own devices…he was just too cheerful and full of hope to return without letting him sow his wild oats. When I came in today, my little buddy was gone…hopefully back on the road to adventure.

Location: Sanctuary Roadside 🙂

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