Catching up with the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The FGC is right around the corner….literally…2 days away.  I’ve been through their Flick’r and I’ve started a list, one that I’m sure will grow.  I went broke on the last round, but most of that stuff is still my favorite stuff….’specially in the kick ass department!  On the softer side, Sax Shepherd’s entries are spectacular. The jewelry…ohhh the jewelry….so fabulous….


Nia Moon Goddess Jewelry:

24 Jewelry Pieces in 4 Metals
1 Rare HUD with Precious Stones

Common jewelry pieces come in Bronze, Gold, Gunmetal or Silver. Each comes with a HUD to change between 12 common moonstone and pearl stones. Commons to win include:
Tiara, Earrings, Necklace, Belt, Bracelet Set and Anklet Set

Rare HUD works with any/all common jewelry pieces and features 12 additional precious stones:
Jade, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst , Rose Quartz, Bone Ivory, Star Sapphire, Opal, lapis Lazuli and Rainbow Jasper

And since I was showing off stuff for the Fantasy Gacha, I needed to be all fantasy like…duh.  I’m am a recent convert to the COCO Doll avie…I heart her desperately!  She’s perfect for interesting pictures and makes a fabulous Tinker Bell (whoot Boudoir!)!  I did this picture right after I went to the Pose Fair (where I may have dropped spectacular amounts of money) and all 4 things went together so well!

Sax also has shoes out for the Gacha called Fairy Tale Tease, wayyy to sexy…and they slide right onto the Slink high heel feet 🙂


I know right! (Look at the shoes dammit!)

18 Pairs in Common Colors, Each Set includes a HUD to change between 22 Jewels and 5 Metals! 
1 Rare Matching Anklet Set…..seriously, can’t live without the anklets!

I know I don’t really do “blogger” pictures, I always want to make a story or something to start conversation, but anyone interested in seeing Sax’s ad pics for his stuff can go here:


That’s the link for the FGC Flick’r with all the fabulous things coming up in a couple days 🙂

Wanna go hit up the Pose Fair before it closes?

Or maybe go get a Tinker Bell outfit at Boudoir?

and ya know you want a dollie avie!

What I’m wearing for Tinker Bell:
Tinker Bell outfit by Boudoir
Sax Shepherd Designs Nia Moon Goddess Jewelry
Mesh c4 v2 hair by CatWa
Doll avie by COCO
Out of patience pose by Del May (available at the Pose Fair)
Do I get cake? sign by KoKoLoReS, which also comes with an awesome pose

What I’m wearing for the nekkie pic:
Next to nothing :))
Sax Shepherd Designs Nia Moon Goddess Jewelry
Sax Shepherd Designs Fairy Tale Tease slippers
Draw hair by Magika

The trees?  I know…awesome….Single young Sakura trees with beads by 8f8

pose by OEM (023)

Both pics were taken on my flooded beach in Rideau 🙂





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