Bad Ass Faun

Still psyched about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival… opened just a few minutes ago and has major amounts of can’t live withouts.  My friend Rhenu, owner and designer of Munereia, made this awesome outfit called Furred & Frilled that comes with this little skirt, top and leggings.  Ya know all the bad ass fauns dress like this  🙂


“She’s a bad ass bitch” pose (I know…like its named for meeee!!) from RACK poses (this is pose 1, common) The bow and arrow come with!!  Score!!

And the hair…ohh the hair…so cute!  Aaliyah from *Calico*, I have the rare, but I looove pink hair and the pastels pack is a common! The hair also comes with the ivy and the face jewels…with a color hud!!


[ul] faun Hoofies in black (rare)…sooo cute, with a tail and horns!  Look at that little tail…precious 🙂

Silver copper Orinoco necklace from Wimey (common)

As mentioned…the FGC opened just a few minutes ago…goooooooooo

NOW…go now!

Picture taken on my land in Rideau 🙂



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