The world owes you nothing

Bad ass has a new name….Roxi.   Seriously.  Roxi can sooo be a bad ass name.  It helps of course that I’m wearing extremely bad ass chit and sitting in a bad ass chair.  I’m probably the only person willing to admit that I don’t follow Game of Thrones, so when I was asked to do a picture for a GOT rp’er, I had to study up (or just ask people who do follow it, thank you Jareth).  I (insert Jareth here)discovered this chair from Mesh Mafia and I knew I had to do a picture with it…but what to wear?  Then Boudoir comes out with this Lust for Death outfit…and dayam, can you be any more bad ass?! (Perhaps….if it was named Roxi) 


The skull helmet is so spectacular…and the skeleton sword, looks like a spine….ewwwww (gotta freaking love it!).  I just want to go to a show somewhere in SL and scare the crap out of people….or just amuse them.  Anyway, been looking for a reason to mix and match stuff from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (which is over in a couple of days!) and the World Goth Fair (also over in a couple days!) and The Fantasy Faire 2014 (over, damn it) and found the perfect opportunity!  Everything just comes together over one little thing 🙂  The TAO skin is from Fallen Gods and I’m only wearing the black (yin) base (comes with a yang (white) tattoo to wear over it).  I’ve been wanting to wear the metallic sheen tattoo from Folly and needed a dark skin to show it off, and as luck would have it, Folly also just came out with fantasy texture changeable eyes!!  BAM!  I may have played with the eyes mixing and matching the colors a bit too long…but it was so much fun 🙂


A bit hard to see it, but the name of this post comes from this tattoo from Corvus…and its FREEEEEE….and also very cool, been wanting a reason to wear it 🙂

Lust for Death outfit for Boudoir:
Skull helmet
Bones shield
Skeleton Sword (left mouse click around to activate…chopping up of nearby folks to commence )
Mesh bra and camisk
arm and leg armor

Shi hair – Blown in monochrome
TAO female skin from Fallen Gods (Yin) World Goth Fair
Folly tintable sheen tattoo in metallic (FF2014)
Folly Fantasy Soul eyes in gold (ish) NEW
::Axix:: Morpheus Tattoo 4 (FGC)
Corvus “The world owes you nothing” Tattoo (free!)
*Hello my deer* face tattoo (marketplace)

Mesh Mafia – Iron Throne

The pose is actually a generic sit pose that I put into a pose ball and sat on top the chair…cause I couldn’t find a bad ass chick sitting pose that looked right….go me!

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