Bunkin’ with the homies

Out with one fantasy and in with another.  It’ll be a sad moment in a couple of days when the summer round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival closes….but we have a new fantasy to look forward too.  (I could sooo go in a different direction with the fantasy thing here, but I’m attempting to keep it PG for now:)) The Fantasy Room opens it doors for the June round on the 5th, with all new creations from some of the best fantasy designers on the grid. 


We couldn’t resist wearing some of our rares from the FGC while trying out Kei’s giant garden bunk beds on Darth’s sim, Lennon Park on the Rock.  Kei had one of my favorite items from the FGC, the Time Flies clocks, and she doesn’t disappoint with this creation  for the Fantasy Room 🙂 The picture above is my shot…the one below is Darth’s…..amazing that 2 people can have such a different perspective isn’t it?


Zibska – Ibis ~ Hat RARE
[The Forge] Rose Chain, Rare
*Milk* Hair~Girl about town
*COCO* Mesh Doll avie w/ bodysuit

Roxi’s Pose – Elf Pin-up by Bauhaus Movement

!APHORISM!- Chainmail Tunic – Silver – MALE RARE
22769 Pygar Wings Brass (RARE)
Familiar Spirit Fawx + {aii} ULTRA RARE
MetaTheodora FOUNDLING Armour
!APHORISM! The Winged Viking Gold – RARE
[The Forge] Scale Armour,  Ultra Rare (Gold)
*COCO* Mesh Doll male avie

Darth’s pose is part of the bunk beds…there’s a bunch of animations and accessories that come with!

Taxi to the Fantasy Room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cies%20Island/121/140/335

Taxi to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (better run!): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/128/128/2

Taxi to Lennon Park on the Rock: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TheIslandOnTheRock/96/22/22

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