Hi, my name is Roxi and I’m an 8f8 addict.  A self confessed addict.  A proud shout it from the mountain tops and (somewhat) crazed addict. I know I am not alone either…’re out there…you’re allll out there.  You know who you are.  The other night…the 7th to be exact…you were there…staring at the… Read More Blossom

Devious Mind

I’m never disappointed when I see a creation by Chandra Meehan of !Devious Mind.  Her creativity only seems to be limited by her imagination….which honestly…. seems unlimited.  Her newest collection currently at the FGC is no exception….gorgeous…sexy…daring.  The Shibari dress is a barely there beautifully textured wisp of silk held together by rope.  The details are amazing…golden… Read More Devious Mind


I’m a proud and true sci-fi fan.  Any kind too…I’m not picky or territorial about the various sub-genre’s or medium.  Dune, Hitchhiker’s, I, Robot, Jurassic Park, any Star Trek (yes, I’ve been to a convention) or Star Wars (yes, I’ve waited in line the night before dressed as Leia)….books, movies, TV (who remembers V?), graphic novels, comics, board… Read More Eve