Elven Queen

I’m a fan of all things fantastical, be it wings, crowns, headpieces, clothing…etc, so its not a surprise that my go to place for such things is Boudoir.  I have spent many a happy hour wandering around the store looking at the outfits, the accessories, the builds…just amazing.  The newest outfit from Boudoir is the Elven Queen….soft and stunning at the same time. It comes with a mesh corset in 6 standard sizes, mesh sleeves, crown, wings, a bow and leaf armor with flexi parts.  Incredible quality and perfect for rp (or just to wear because you want to be fabulous)!


Isn’t the crown fabulous!?  Well, all of it’s fabulous actually and works really well with my hair from dirty little secret (I just like saying that :)).  The bobbed hair in Dove is a rare from d.l.s.’s gacha machine at this months Pre-Release Gacha Garden and at 50L a pull, its a bargain that can’t be beat.  It also comes in Cardinal and Raven, hombre and mixed… and those are the commons!

No pose today folks, this was a totally opportunistic shot, I’m just on my AO!

Elven Queen outfit by Boudoir, including corset, sleeves, leaf armor, necklace, crown, wings and bow & arrow.
available in store and on the mp

[d.l.s.] Bobbed hair in Dove – RARE
available at Pre-Released Gacha Garden  June 7th – July 3rd

 Cae Affinity earrings
 Available at Fameshed this month

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