Livin’ the Dream

There’s an ice cream shop in Disney World …in Epcot…(well behind Epcot where there are some fancy hotels) called Beaches and Creams.  Wave if you’ve been there!  Its a turn of the century shop with the striped awning and counter where you can get a malted.  Totally authentic to the whole look and feel (cause its Disney doing it) of the era.   Since it’s Disney, all the employees are appropriately dressed in period wear…ugg.  Lucky for them, air conditioning is one of the only modern concessions.  They make this astronomically gastrointestinal concoction (you follow that?) called a Kitchen Sink.  You’ve heard of them or seen it other places….every single kind of ice cream, every topping, every syrup, a can of cool whip, tons of different nuts and a jar of cherries….essentially, everything in the shop…all in a giant bowl, or in this case, a kitchen sink.  Literally.  Proof that there is a heavenly deity that loves me.  Other people too, but specifically me.   It’s a 5 to 10 ish people dessert on a good day (2 to 4 peeps on a bad day when you don’t wanna share)  The shop brings you back to a time before ours (unless you’re 100) when life was simpler and ice cream made the world go around. Ice cream is a happy place kinda thing.

I instantly thought of that shop in Disney when I saw 8f8’s entry in this round of the Arcade.  I loved it on sight.  Every single little piece and part of it….the Gazebo, the table menu, the sprinkles….spot on.  Like Disney, the attention to detail is astounding.  Its a popular collection to have this round and has….wait for it…..secret items…and one of them is a rare!  Whoot!


My dream is to have open access to an ice cream shop and eat myself sick.  With a bestie and assorted cute critters.  Its a good dream 🙂

The assorted cute critters are the Storybook Creatures from Birdy – [Alchemy]..another popular pull at the Arcade…and I may luuuuf them muchly 🙂

Lastly, before I list…check out the nekid guy behind the counter.  Remember I said the other day that nekid guys fall from the sky onto my land….not kidding.  While I was taking this picture…this guy (diego?) literally fell onto my beach, wandered over and walked behind the counter and stood there.  And stood there.  I could see his crosshairs checking the stuff out.  I’m thinking he’ll realize we’re posing…not so.  Just stood there.  I said hi, he said hi, Darth said “dude, move the fuck outa the camera shot”.  Took him a minute, but he finally caught on (cause Darth was sooo subtle) and moved out of the way.  I’m telling you, they fall from the sky!

Big ass list coming up!

8f8 – 1. Vintage Ice Dreams Gazebo *** RARE
8f8 – 34. Vintage Ice Dreams Cart SECRET *** RARE (yeah, probably not a secret anymore anyway)
8f8 – 32. Vintage Ice Cream Machine
8f8 – 3. Vintage Parasol
8f8 – 4. Vintage Table
8f8 – 29. Vintage Chair
8f8 – 31. Vintage Fence
8f8 – 21. Ice Dreams Welcome Board
8f8 – 26. Summer Bunting
8f8 – 11. Decorative Lights
8f8 – 37. Forbidden Sweetness – SECRET
8f8 – 38. Shared Pleasure – SECRET
8f8 – 25. Strawberry Swirl Display
8f8 – 13. Ice Cream Accessories Set
8f8 – 17. Ice Dreams Pink Ice Cream Display
8f8 – 30. Vintage Cone Stand
8f8 – 20. Ice Dreams Table Menu
8f8 – 27. Table Candle Light
8f8 – 35. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! – SECRET
8f8 – 6. Bombastic Cookie Dessert
8f8 – 7. Chocolate – Cream Ice Cream Please
8f8 – 5. Banana Milkshake
8f8 – 23. Popsicle Sprinkles
8f8 – 22. Oops! – Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream
8f8 – 22. Oops! Strawberry Peach Ice Cream
8f8 – 36. Gift Wrapped Sweetness To-Go – SECRET
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Pigaroo – Pink
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Mossyback – Pink
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Owlkin – Tan
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Fennec – Red
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Fennec – White
Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Lambicorn – Brown

.Olive. the Eilfie hair RARE (Arcade)
ASO! Rain Boots (dot yellow) (Arcade)
:Moon Amore: Cityscape dress from Fit for a Princess

Roxi’s pose by Infiniti, “on the floor”
Darth’s pose by F*cking Ninjas “Along the Grave”

Taken at my flooded beach in Rideau 🙂  (did I not say nekid guys drop in all the time!)

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