When Frannie was 5 (she’s the big one oh now) and in kindergarten, I was trying to get her to try some of my salad….she was having none of it.  I tried to convince her how good it was but she just kept saying noooo.  On maybe the 5th try, she said “Look…I’m a carnivore alright!”  Amazed (and maybe somewhat skeptical) that she even knew what that was…I asked.  In her best patient voice (like she was talking to a …well…idiot) she explained to me that carnivores eat meat and herbivores eat plants…and they don’t change.  She stressed that since I was a herbivore (I’m a vegetarian) she wouldn’t try to make me eat meat (an excellent point that I had a hard time arguing with).  I was totally with her and all “yeah, she gets the intelligence from me” proud till she decided a visual was in order.  “It’s like this… tigers are carnivores and cows are herbivores…so I’m a tiger and you’re a cow”  Had she been in 1st grade she’d have lost her 2 front teeth right then and there (that’s when they usually fall out anyway…and no one the wiser).  I ‘splained to her that if she ever…ever… compared me to a cow again she wouldn’t make it to the ripe old age of 6….and since she’s 10 now…she has heeded my advice. A true testament to her intelligence (which she gets from me). So anyway, when I saw this top from Masoom with the cute cow….well…had to do it…it brought me right back to that conversation and made me smile for hours 🙂


Then…I remember the MooPigs…..MOOPIGS!  Who thought that was a thing??  Well Schadenfreude did, and the two with me are two of the Piggy Wiggie collection at the current Arcade…freaking cute as hell!  These are Darths, he has the entire set and let me plop down on his beach to take pics.  He has the entire 8f8 “Ice Dreams” set out ready for a shoot too, so it was win win.  Throw in the cute beach kitties from FBD and the flower flip flops from Eden Moon and I’m set for a beach outing.  Ohhh…and I couldn’t not wear the fawn ears and horns…. they’re from the Tales of Fantasy event (May’s Soul…gotta love her chit!) …and I neeeed the flute that goes with the set (its a gacha, so I currently have maybe 10 pairs of the ears since the flute is the rare) AND it goes so perfect with my dirty.little.secrets hair :).


The sitting pose up top is new and from Sari-Sari.  It’ll be available @ Kustom9 on the 15th at the new build!  Sari-Sari has setup a small store there containing their past releases of poses and deco… whoot!  The standing pose on the second pic is from Eternal Dreams and comes with the balloons.  It’s available at the Pre-Release Gacha Garden along with the flip flops, mooo top, duffle bag, hair and beach kitties.

Pre-Release Gacha Garden                                                                                                                                                        [[ Masoom]] Toon Top Moo (rare)
::BH:: Duffle Bag Unisex
FBD Beach Kitties (the ones swimming are the rares :))
-EM- Bloom Flipflops Posy Pink
[d.l.s.] :: Bobbed Hair :: Dove (rare)

Arcade                                                                                                                                                                                        Schadenfreude Bessy Moopig Piggie Wiggie
Schadenfreude Bossy Moopig Piggie Wiggie
8f8 – Vintage Ice Dreams set

8f8 – Baby Black Kite (free at the 8f8 store!)

Tales of Fantasy                                                                                                                                                                                   May’s Soul – Normal faun ears. white(flowers) and horns

The Loft – Anchor Towel

Seven Emporium – Heated Pool sign (from a previous Arcade)

scooter made by a personal friend of Darths

Picture taken at Lennon Park on the Rock, Darth’s mondo fabulous sim…open and available for pictures and/or discerning renters.  He’s leaving the Ice Dreams set up for a while, in case anyone want to go check it out or take pics with it 🙂

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