Flirting with Danger


Armed with nothing but her favorite lipstick and the scent of Chanel #5 on her skin, it’s a brave girl that puts on her heels and goes out into the night surrounded by lady eating predators……lucky for her she’s not a lady.

TLC’s in full swing…and if you happen to look at the map before tp’ing over….well…its popular 🙂  I’m still lovin’ the Bali Resort by 8f8…it’s clean, it’s simple, it’s sexy as hell.  It makes me feel like doing bad bad things in that not so private pavilion.

8f8 – Bali – PAVILION
8f8 – Bali – BAMBOO LIGHTS
8f8 – Bali – LOUNGE Bed Elevated
8f8 – Bali – TABLE

And hell, if I’m gonna be bad (and dressed), I’m gonna do it right.  The Wash Sim is having their bi-annual (that’s twice a year…right?) Cart sale.  Everything on a cart is …get this….10L or cheaper until the 25th!  So I picked up this hot dress and these shoes from Masoom for 10L each!!  Beat that!

[[ Masoom]] Hot Inside- outfit
[[ Masoom]] Galaxy pumps- no ankle strap

Accessories?  Every hot girl needs hot accessories, so I made my pilgrimage to Pure Poison for my monthly group gift and to see if there was anything I didn’t already have in my inventory.  The cuffs are a group gift (allll the group gifts are right outside the store where you rezz in).  The clutch and the necklace, which matched perfectly, were only 150L each…so 320L for the entire outfit!

PP – Persia Black & Silver Clutch
PP – Danielle Cuffs Silver
PP – Azah Necklace – Silverish

.:EMO-tions:. * JAMIE * Hair, Snow

Glam Affair – Livy 11 skin (India) from the Arcade (RARE)
Kosh – wet lips, blood
Moon amore – hand tattoo, medhii

Tonic Fun “Tiptoe” pose from the MP

Taken on my flooded beach in Rideau …AKA…my Bali Resort….come by anytime 🙂


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