A Visit to Black Kite

Ever been?  It is the home of 8f8 (huge fan) and just the most interesting sim around.  Real interesting.  Mostly water scattered with surreal spots to sit and look…and rest…and wonder…and reflect.  Very soothing and mind tingling at the same time…you can’t not smile when you go.  I spent some time there the other day with Alles Klaar (who is a dream to watch work…not to mention to see what comes out of that work) laying on my back in the water being an oil slick (swear) while she worked (in a nice comfy chair from Boudoir) and I got this shot of her 🙂


The cat chair looked a bit creepy with just that one eye showing and mostly in the water. I loved it instantly.  I love water pictures…one of the reasons I like Alles’ pics so much…they’re almost always in the water and always quirky…..she has such an artistic eye 🙂   So we finish the shoot and I stand up….and this is what I see:


Opportunistic butt shot!  That’s just my AO….and what a cool shot….told ya I was an oil slick 🙂

Boudoir Victorian white Kitty chair
Tableau Vivant – Meersand hair from Collabor88
EMO-tions – *Pearl*

+Fallen Gods+ – TAO skin, female (yang)
Clemmm – oil drippings full suit
SHI – Blown hair (I freaking looove this store!)
RO – Once Upon a Crown
[Eve n Better] Rashi Love Tattoo

Taxi to Black Kite ….dooo it!  Its so worth a wander around…and buy something from 8f8…you’ll never regret it 🙂




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