Here kitti kitti


Dollie Darth sets out to rescue the kitti chair from the nefarious clutches of Charlie…the erstwhile photo bombing octopus.  Armed with nothing but his handy screwdriver (what the hell’s he gonna do with a screwdriver??) and boyish charm, he slowly climbs the ladder, cautious for any sudden movements on Charlie’s part.  He mumbles to himself (cause he’s smart that way) that the kitti chair was foolish for getting herself into this mess but he wants to look like a hero to Dollie Roxi with his daring rescue. Can he do it?  Dollie Roxi stands by anxiously biting her nails, wobbling on her fancy shoes and hoping her kitti chair will be saved so that she doesn’t have to ask Alles or Precious for another.  As the minutes tick by, she begins to wonder if she should call in the Popsicle Pirates to help….surely a pirate hat will intimidate the octopus into dropping the chair….

. Infiniti . – Stairway to Heaven Pose prop- Plain @ Rhapsody
. Infiniti . – Little Cloud (comes with the poses)

-Pixicat- Swimsuit – dotts @ SummerFest’ 14
Boudoir Lovely shoes -pink @ OMGacha
.ploom. Melon – Candy
*COCO* doll, female

Roxi’s pose: //Elephante poses// No One Knows Who We Are # 5 @ Rhapsody

Redgrave cargo pants
FATEwear towel
FATEplay prop – screwdriver
Argrace Baseball cap w/hair, Kyler
(fd) doll head
*COCO* doll, male

Boudoir – Victorian White Cat Chair

anc – ephemera (I don’t credit these enough, but the ephemera are in almost all of my pics from the beach, they are superb and make me smile every time I see them…as does everything from anc :))

Loka Design ~ 3 Tentacles Offsim octopus (MP)

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