Why not to play with Firecrackers

Why not to play with firecrackers

Zombie Jarath yelling “My head!!! Somebody grab my head!!

Zombie Darth yelling back “Screw your damn head…its the 3rd time this week you’ve blown it off….stop eating the damn firecrackers!!

Zombie Jarath yelling while spitting out seawater ” Well if you would go get us more brains I wouldn’t have to eat the firecrackers!”

Zombie Darth yelling back while looking for his arm “Why should I have to do the shopping, why can’t Roxi do the shopping, she’s the girl after all…what else does she do….SOMEBODY please find my damn arm before the octopus gets it!!

Zombie Roxi steps over, puts her foot on Zombie Jarath’s head and pushes it under the water to shut him up, then without taking her foot off the head, reaches down, picks up Zombie Darth’s arm and beats him senseless…wait, he’s already senseless…beats him brainless…no, that ship already sailed….beats the dead daylights out of him with it.  Then beats him some more just for fun.

“THAT”S what else this girl does” she mutters as she hitches her bra up over her nonexistent boobs and goes in search of cake.

You can dress ’em up, but ya can’t take ’em out….

HAPPY 4th of July from Jarath, Roxi, Darth and Charlie!

Zombie Jarath:
Faboo – mesh men’s bikini “Born in the USA”
//Elephante poses// No one knows who we are # 1 @ Rhapsody

Zombie Roxie:
Boudoir – Lift my Flag outfit w/hat (and shoes, but they don’t fit the zombies) NEW!
Argrace – Hikari hair, Platinum NEW!
//Elephante poses// No one knows who we are # 6 @ Rhapsody

Zombie Darth:
FATEwear – trunks – Gibs – America
Deco – Mesh sparkling glory hat – group gift last year
//Elephante poses// No one knows who we are # 3 @ Rhapsody

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