cyborg final

I’m a proud and true sci-fi fan.  Any kind too…I’m not picky or territorial about the various sub-genre’s or medium.  Dune, Hitchhiker’s, I, Robot, Jurassic Park, any Star Trek (yes, I’ve been to a convention) or Star Wars (yes, I’ve waited in line the night before dressed as Leia)….books, movies, TV (who remembers V?), graphic novels, comics, board games, video games…you name it.  I love it.  An I DO want to know if “Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep”!  I was in college in the 80’s when Blade Runner became an instant cult classic and was in a literature class called Literature of American Films.  We would have to read a book, then we would discuss it, then watch the corresponding movie, then discuss both.  I know right! 14 weeks of this….one of the best Lit classes I ever took (and I took Erotic Lit of the Dark Ages, but that’s another story).  I already loved the movie…the setting, the androids, the emotional pull….but when I read “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep” (the book its based on)….it just took the story to another level.  The movie doesn’t explore the animal angle like the book does (sorry, no spoilers, you’ll have to read it), but it does raise the question of how far artificial intelligence can go, emotion wise. Since then, you’ve seen lots of AI movies and books, but none touch me like this one.  Interestingly, the 3 main chicks in the story are gynoids(specifically, a female android).  Fabulous movie, fabulous book…and oh yeah…its a comic too now…..a great story that if you haven’t already seen or read….you should….we’ll discuss 🙂

My gynoid avie that I’m wearing is from LNS designs.  I loooove the face…the expressive eyes, the shockingly red lipstick….innocence and sex rolled into one.  Her name is Eve 7 and she’s available right now at the Sci-Fi themed Nexus Event, sponsored by the Co-Op.  Eve’s headdress is by Folly….I’ve seen bunches of people wearing it lately.  It has 2 parts, the flowers and the jeweled headband, so you can wear them separate of together.  I only had the flowers on for the Reflections post, but I put the jeweled headband on also for Eve, cause she likes sparklies.  The headdress is available now at weloverp…better known as we<3rp 🙂


(LNS Designs) Eve Seven Gynoid avatar @ The Nexus Event
Folly – Texture Change ‘Nouveau’ Headdress (Flowers) @ we<3rp
Folly – Texture Change ‘Nouveau’ Headdress (Jewel Band Fit#1) @ we<3rp
!Ohmai: Flamingo @ SummerFest’ 14
HPMD* bubble chair (lucky chair)

Dyer Maker SOLf6 pose @ at Summer of Love Fair …todays the last day, go to the store for the pose afterwards 🙂


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