Believe in the Fairies

Believe in the Fairies

Believe in the fairies who make dreams come true.
Believe in the magic from the fairies above,
They dance in the flowers and sing songs of love.
And if you believe and always stay true,
The fairies will be there to watch over you.

The Annex – Flirty Dress – Blue – @ A Secret Affair (not till the 15th!)
The Annex – Floral Headband – Crème @ A Secret Affair
The Annex – Bracer – Suede – Brown @ A Secret Affair
[ SAKIDE ] Ailis Wings Tan
*Dura-Girl*54 (Teal)
May’s Soul moon necklace gold
Zibska Viveka ~ Earrings

[Plastik] ShoulderBirdies-from the burdies and feathers tattoo set

HPMD* Globe Lamp M (moon)
HPMD* Big Leaf – pale color
New Trails – Adorned Fallen Tree w/ mushrooms

. Infiniti . – Walk The Line – pose # 4

Coming soon to an SL near you….

The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair is a themed event running from July 15th through July 29th and this round is Medieval Masquerade with a touch of William Shakespeare’s “A midsummer night’s dream”….get ready for fantasy gone fairy 🙂

Check out The Secret Affair’s Flick’r

And their web page!






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