The line dance

The line dance

I was gonna call it Pink girls can’t dance….but I didn’t want to offend any pink sista’s out there (but ya know we can’t).  I have been in lust with these !ohmai flamingo’s since day one….they all (and by all, I do mean allll) sit on my beach, milling around waiting for a photo op. 

I’ve seen numerous pictures in Flick’r and on blogs with the RO Gunslinger hat from the Mens Dept.  I think Darth’s may have been the 1st…he may have done his picture 30 seconds after the Men’s Dept. opened this month…and I knew I had to have it.  Since the, I’ve seen fabulous pictures, lots of closeups with great shadows…serious cowboy or cowgirl looks.  I could do that….but then…why do what everyone else is doing.  I’m here to break the cycle.  I can sustain serious for only so long before I feel the need to be silly, and if you’re going to be silly…dammit…be silly with a flamingo….or a zombie

When the Secret Affair 1st opened, I remember a comment from Damon (Enigma) that his design, a chained scarf, was a guy thing (which is awesome, cause so many events are sooo girl oriented…insert sad face for guys here) but that it was mod if a chick wanted to make it work.  Well….Darth made dresses work…so I damn well can make a scarf work….I didn’t even attempt to mod it, just slid it on down my doll hips and called it a day…so there.  The leafes necklace from 22769 is from the Secret Affair also….sooo many good things there….and not much longer before it closes.

The Analog Dog hair from the Hair Fair…still looove…maybe I’ll change the color tomorrow…maybe not.  The flower ring is from Tantalum…a 10L giftie in the store….go by and pick it up!  Close up pic at the bottom if you want to see the detail 🙂

RO – Gunslinger Cowboy Hat – Mustang @ The Men’s Dept.
:Enigma: CHained Scarf White @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~  Leafes Necklace Silver @ The Secret Affair
~Tantalum~ Flower Ring in Crushed Diamonds (10L giftie in store)
AD – 42 – splash @ Hair Fair
!Ohmai: Flamingo                                                                                                                

Posertry Asian Dance Pose

~Tantalum~ Flower Ring in Crushed Diamonds 1






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