Flight School

Flight school

It’s the end of July and so many things are coming to a close.  The summer is psychologically magical to me…I think it goes back to when I was a kid… sleeping late, staying up later, running around and playing with my friends and just feeling free.  And yes, I come from that time when we played OUTSIDE all day with our RL human friends (I say that as I sit in my air conditioned house at a computer chatting with a friend from SL on Skype…the irony is not lost on me).  My mom would always be out in the yard working in her gardens or sitting on the swing watching the birds and butterflies and dragonflies flit around.  She knew the name of every single bird she ever saw…and probably many that she never got the opportunity to see.  She knew their characteristics and personalities, their individual chirps and coos…what they liked to collect for their nests (As god is my witness, when she cut our hair, she did it outside on the lawn and left the cut hair for the birds…apparently certain birds looove hair for their nests).  She would have loved 8f8’s vintage birds…would have spent hours looking at them and assigning them to a bird family.  She would have loved their names and personalities that ibi has given them.  But then, seriously, who doesn’t love Mr. Aviator? These vintage birds are a hit…everybody loves them…everybody wants them.  They’re currently residing in a gacha machine at The Dreamers Factory… a very popular gacha machine…till Aug. 22nd that is.

The Secret Affair and the Hair Fair are also almost over…you only have till the end of July …days…to get there and find what you can’t live without!  If you have not been to The Secret Affair…well…it’s no longer a secret…it’s magical…just magical.  Designed like an enchanted forest with sunlit glades and unicorns lazing about, a stone pathway guides you around and through the thickets of trees.  Along the way are quaint kiosks with 40 of the best designers on the grid offering amazing works of art in their designs.  Not to be missed!  And this hair!! Ohh myyy…who has not run over to the Hair Fair just to get this awesome, wild hair from Analog Dog??  I love it…I love everything about it…and well…if you follow my blog or Flick’r…you will see that I’ve had it on for days and days.  Analog Dog has always been one of my favorites.  My inventory is full of AD, new and old…and many are some of the rare pre-mesh hairs that I still covet and wear…don’t judge…you know you do too.

ieQED rose.string.crown.spring RARE @ The Secret Affair
Zibska Cecily ~ Noir ~ Skirt @ The Secret Affair
*COCO* Doll, female
AD – 42 – splash @ The Hair Fair

8f8 Vintage Birds gacha @ The Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Aviator RARE
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Star
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Shy
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Freckle
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Chevron
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Bloom
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Spot

{anc} ephemera

Del May swimmer2 pose


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