More summer joys……laying around reading a good story filled with magical places, unimaginable creatures and adventure around every corner.  Reading them with friends makes it all the more special…doing the voices as you read…best day ever.  The newest event on the SL calendar is the Wild Things Event.  It opens at 12am tomorrow…so…wow…tonight actually if your up till midnight STt in your part of the world.  “Where the Wild Things Are”, the children’s book by Maurice Sendak, is the theme for the event and the amazing build (by the devastatingly handsome and yet modest Zero Sideways) puts you right into the story.  I spent many a summers night, in a homemade tent in the backyard, reading this book to my kids by flashlight.  I did the voices…terribly I’m sure, and no matter how many times they had heard it, the kidlets always wanted to hear it again.  The creations are fun and whimsical….perfect for a summer closeout.  I say we all go get some plushies…lay out 8f8’s book island, get comfie and get on Skype and read the story!!  I’ll bring a flashlight, Zero’ll bring the scotch!  Best. Read. Ever. 🙂

If you’re running around the grid tomorrow, make sure to hit all The Neighborhood stores (Darth always reminds me). Sari-Sari made 3 excellent hanging lights for this weekend….absolute must haves…stop by there store and pick them up…time to redecorate!!

The Secret Affair is winding down…just days left…I may cry. I’m still lovin’ this yumyums dress ….it’s perfect for storytime with friends and just makes me smile.  I haven’t taken the ieQED rose crown off in days either….and not just because it goes so well with the 42 hair from Analog Dog…..yep…still wearing it…I did change the color though.  You have to love color huds.  The hair is at The Hair Fair for the next couple of days…errrr…okay…maybe 1 more day…hurry now …,you MUST have it (does her best hypnotizer impersonation).

Storytime closeup

Before I close out…look…just look at the Rumpus clock from Balaclava (holy crap, I spelled that without looking!) …it’s so fabulously detailed…and everyone will need one!  Now is the time I should mention that there’s a surprise with the clock…but you have to go to find out what the surprise is!

From The Secret Affair:
.{yumyums}. Summertime Sun Dress {Greedy}

From The Hair Fair:
AD – 42 – splash

From The Wild Things Event:
Divalicious Diva Summer Dazzle Slink High Silver Dragonfly
BALACLAVA!! Rumpus Clock
8f8 – Inside the Story – Book Island RARE
8f8 – Tree
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat
8f8 – Inside the Story – Clouds
8f8 – Inside the Story – George the Monkey
8f8 – Inside the Story – Phillip the Bull
8f8 – Inside the Story – Lizzy the Elephant
8f8 – Inside the Story – Billy the Bat
8f8 – Inside the Story – Marta the Owl
8f8 – Inside the Story – Arnold the Bear
8f8 – Inside the Story – Emma the Butterfly
Schadenfreude Rose Wombat
MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies and mushroom blue RARE
.dl. // Chip the Otter [Hawaiian Orange]
Fuschia Nightfire – Splatterby Aqua Skyper

For The Neighborhood:
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamp
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Funnel Lamp
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Brass Bucket Lamp

*COCO* Doll, female

Infiniti “On the floor” pose

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