The Guard

The Guard

Soooooo….couple of things going on . Yes, that is a guy doll avie…and yes, it is me.  One of CaTwA’s new hairs, Ben, is a guy hair.  A really cool guy hair.  I could’ve put in on and just SAID it was a guy hair…it looks good on a chick…but…that’s kinda cheating a little.  Besides, a while back my bestie Darth was given a challenge to blog some chick stuff….dresses actually…for the Secret Affair…and he did a fine job.  See his post with what…maybe 8 or 9 dresses here at his blog, It’s a Man’s World! I figure if he can do chick stuff…I can damn well do guy stuff.  So I went into my inventory and went through my Secret Affair things and found the PFC Guard outfit.  Do guys say outfit? Gear maybe…I dunno…I’m not a guy, I only play one on SL (okay, today I play one).  Darth says it, but then, I’d like to point out he’s been doing chick stuff a lot and well….ya knowwww.  Anyway, the PFC outfit is perfect…and cool as chit…man, guys get some cool ass chit!  Very kick ass….so it went well with the Ben hair…all it needed was something to kick ass on.

I had been wandering with some peeps at this really interesting sim called Circus of Sins.  Interesting is a nice polite vanilla word for this place btw. When you rezz in, one of the first things you see is this ship/sub being pulled under by a shockingly pink octopus.  That did it for me as I have a well known affinity for a cute octopus.  So here Ben is, wearing his kick ass PFC outfit and getting ready to save the world from a crazed marauding pink octopus.  It could happen.  There are stories such as this one waiting to happen all over the sim with photo ops everywhere….many that can’t be put in a pg Flick’r stream. It is not for the weak at heart or for anyone with leanings towards prudishness (hell, the plane flying into the giant vajayjay made me squirm (and not in the good way).  Makes the elephant stomping a man into the ground or the alligator eating a guy look docile by comparison.  Perhaps for my next guy pic I’ll go save one of them…..or go sit on top one of the giant boobs squirting milk.  Gotta go see now, don’t ya!?

Lastly, you too can have this aforementioned kick ass outfit from PFC and wander a fabulous serene environment at the same time.  Since so many peeps are still shopping at The Secret Affair, the wise event owners have made the executive decision to keep it open a few more days…whooots!  Head on over and get geared up….call me and we’ll go adventuring 🙂


From the Secret Affair:
PFC~The guard – chest plate
PFC~The Guard – pauldrons
PFC~The Guard – belt
PFC~The Guard – Skirt
PFC~The Guard – boots

*COCO* doll, male

Dyer Maker pose, jump m03

Taken at Circus of Sins!

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