The Wives

the wives

Having come to the closet door, she made a stop for some time, thinking about her husband’s orders, and considering what unhappiness might attend her if she was disobedient; but the temptation was so strong that she could not overcome it. She then took the little key, and opened it, trembling. At first she could not see anything plainly, because the windows were shut. After some moments she began to perceive that the floor was all covered over with clotted blood, on which lay the bodies of several dead women, ranged against the walls. (These were all the wives whom Blue Beard had married and murdered, one after another.) She thought she should have died for fear, and the key, which she, pulled out of the lock, fell out of her hand.                         Excerpt from Blue Beard, Charles Perrault (published in 1697)

Enchantment has picked the French folktale Blue Beard for their current round.  The story of a serial killer and an overcurious young wife (whom apparently had never heard the Pandora’s Box story) boasts all the bloodiness you could ask for.  The creators do not disappoint in the gore fest.  Key creations abound, as do blood splattered makeup and dresses.  There’s even a blue beard!  Frogstar designed the perfect little dungeon room to hide all your dead bodies.  Don’t have any dead bodies?  Not to worry… DRD made some for you!  The bodies, and this fabulous Pixicat dress I’m wearing…and wait…the key chain headwrap…are all prizes that you can get after you’ve visited all the 20 stores participating in Enchantment. If you need the notecard with all the lm’s of the participating stores, hit me up inworld and I’ll send you a copy (thank you Leia for sending me your copy :))

Bluebeards keys

The new Katy hair from CaTwA works perfect with Frogstar’s headwrap…sometimes its so hard to find hair that you can wear with headpieces….but with this combo…the side sweep of the hair and the keys dangling from the chains fits perfect. The Tantalum ring and bracelet are both available at the OMG Room right now…perfect for any newly rich widow (spoiler alert).

Pixicat– Fatima.Dress – Prize from Enchantment
Frogstar – Bluebeard’s Bride Chain Headwrap- Prize from Enchantment
~Tantalum~ Hanna swag bracelet @ the OMG Room
~Tantalum~ Iniyali ring @ the OMG Room
Frogstar – Skybox of Unfortunate Princesses @ Enchantment
DRD– enchanted Dead bodies – Prize from Enchantment

Del May Driftwood pose
Le Poppycock – Spoonful of Diamonds (closeup)

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