Golden Orchids

Golden Orchids

Sometimes, you really don’t have to wear a lot to say a lot.  Case in point….this chest plate from Zibska….sexy, kick ass, different.  Wear it as armor, wear it as a necklace, wear it just to be damn sexy with nothing at all.  Except maybe with a hat.  A hat is always the perfect accessory.  I saw this hat from PFC and fell in lust.  The workmanship is incredible, the uses endless. Part of the Ninja Stuffs collection, it will be available in 4 days at the FGC. The bonus?  It sits perfectly on top of Argrace’s wet Hikari hair that came out a couple months ago….perfect.  The orchids were another must have I picked up at Kalopsia the other day while doing Enchantment.  What a freaking smart move on their part to move the event into the participating stores.  I don’t even want to think about how much I spent while getting my card stamped.  If you haven’t done Enchantment…A. you want to and B. I have the notecard with all the participating stores and landmarks.  Hit me up in world and I’ll pass it to you 🙂

PFC~NinjaStuffs – Kasa soon @ FGC
Zibska ~ Takeshi ~ Necklace soon @ FGC
*ARGRACE* HIKARI – Platinum 
 Kalopsia – Orchids (Dipped in Gold)

Belleza Rose skin

Del May Penguin chic pose

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