Qitou 2

Summer days…..laying around and just enjoying nature.  Sway’s Zen garden collection reminds me of that…serene…peaceful…full of wonder.  The best kind of therapy for a frazzled mind and tired soul.  All modifiable (check out what Darth did with his…amazing!) to fit your needs 🙂

Given the choice, if I’m going to lay around and sing with the birdies…I’m going to do it in style.  The adorable hat, shoes and parasol are all from Paper Moon…also soon to be at the FGC with the Zen garden.  Truth’s Lala hair was perfect with the hat, the bun holds it on nicely.  Lala also comes with a bow that sits on the side of the bun, it just didn’t work with the hat…that’s what I love about choices!  I dug through my inventory and found Pixicat’s Oriental kimono from the last Arcade round…the green went perfect!  You can get a kimono at the Pixicat store now…still in the gacha machine and still only 50L a pull…can’t beat it!

Qitou closeup

Other things….I still can’t live without 8f8’s vintage birds…and you don’t have too either!  The Dreamers Factory is still open, doors won’t be closing till the 22nd…go get some ridiculously cute birds.  And still loving the orchids from Kalopsia…how did I not know of this place before a week ago!?  I picked them up doing the rounds of Enchantment…if you need the notecard with the designers and lm’s hit me up inworld, I’ll be happy to pass it to you 🙂

*pm* Qitou – Hat – Creme/Pink – RARE soon @ FGC (doors open on the 8th !)
*pm* Qitou – Paper Parasol – Ornate/Purple soon @ FGC
*pm* Qitou – Silk Slipper – Ornate/Purple soon @ FGC
Pixicat– Oriental Kimono 
Sway’s Zen Garden, including the base, bridge, lantern, rocks, rake, sand, bench and bamboo soon @ FGC
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Teahouse Tray soon @ FGC
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Aviator RARE @ the Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Daisy @ the Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky RARE @ the Dreamers Factory till Aug. 22nd
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat @ The Wild Things Gacha Event
Kalopsia – Orchids (Dipped in Gold)
Kalopsia – Flying Crows
+Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish

Dyer Maker gossip pose 02

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