With 3 themes to pick from in the upcoming FGC…I think I have to say the Asian is my favorite.  I love the colors, the feel, the play of soft and hard at the same time.  I also love the versatility.  Axix has come out with the Mushu collection; a necklace, chest belt, headband and staff.  It’s as fierce as it is sexy…using traditional colors that pop.  The soft knotted velvet ropes are such a contrast to the medallions they are attached to.   CaTwA’s Lala hair works well with the headband, it’s soft wispy bangs peeking through here and there.  The long braid down the back completes the picture of the innocent Asian maiden (yeah right).

Mushu 2

By the way, the Asian doll head is a free gift at COCO if you join the group….there’s 9 free heads all together…whoots!  Don’t forget, the FGC opens this Friday, Aug. 8th…hold on to yer horses till then!

::Axix:: Mushu Necklace Black soon @ FGC
::Axix:: Mushu Chest Belt Red soon @ FGC
::Axix:: Mushu Staff Silver Rare soon @ FGC
::Axix:: Mushu Headband UltraRare soon @ FGC

Sari-Sari Courtesan 03 pose (standing)
Sari-Sari Groundsit 02 (sitting)

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