Home on the Range

Home on the Range

This should be throwback Thursday’s picture!  I dragged my beloved yak over from her field in the back of the sim to hang out with the Commoner Rocking Horses on my “range”.  Remember the rocking horses…from last June’s Arcade?  Darth has the entire set….he did a couple of great pictures with them back then….check his stream out….he’s a great photographer as well as a writer…his blog is not to be missed.  He’s been under the weather a lot lately and can’t be in world as much…so I had to go looking for the rocking horses as I did not own any.  Luckily…Rhenu was my saving grace…I should always remember that if it’s from the Arcade or the FGC…Rhenu has one or two.  I asked and she instantly sent me a small herd….I ❤ her!  By the way, she has an awesome blog also!

Home on the Range standing

I was feeling in a cowgirl mood, which is fitting as the Wild West Fair opened today with all manner of western goodness.  The hay I’m hanging by is from Dyer Maker…an excellent pose prop with great single and couples poses built in…perfect for any barn, farm or range.  My mesh outfit is from MOoH! and comes in 3 separate pieces…top, shorts and belt….and fits perfect, not to mention matches my gunslinger hat from RO.  I sooo love that hat!

The adorable fishtail plaited hair is new from Truth…can’t not love it.  Its messy and comfortable looking….so true to what my hair looks like on a regular basis…I just wish I could braid it that well 🙂


MOoH! Buckled top w/ belted shorts, mesh @ The Wild West Fair
RO – Gunslinger Cowboy Hat – Mustang (Materials)

Dyer Maker In Straw Prop & pose @ The Wild West Fair

+Half-Deer+ Winter Yak – Special Delivery
[Commoner] Grown-Up Rocking Horse / Tribal (Purple)
[Commoner] Grown-Up Rocking Horse / Tweed (Charcoal)
[Commoner] Grown-Up Rocking Horse / Tribal (Yellow)

*COCO* doll, female

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