Zombie Pirates of the Caribbean

Zombie Pirates

Zombie Pirate Jarath yelling “Farewell…I’m off for a life of adventure on the open sea!!” but thinking “This tide can’t get me away from that cold ass bitch fast enough…wait till she finds out I put all our treasure in the rum barrels!”

Zombie Pirate Roxi waves goodbye (she’d yell goodbye, except she has a mouthful of Pina Colada at the moment…and every moment following if she has anything to do with it) and is thinking ” Stupid bastid’s 5 feet off the beach in Cancun and he thinks he’s Blackbeard….wait till he finds out I took all the treasure out of the rum barrels and filled them with seawater and piranha…hope they like the taste of dead flesh”

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff … lots of stuff.  I have an eclectic mix of Sway’s stuff that I pulled together for the zombies…and all because I wanted to show this Boomerang chair that she has out this weekend for the Dreaming Tree.  The theme is “down under” and the chair is 25% off today and tomorrow. It has singles and couples poses built in as well as a color change hud for the cushions….and comes in a pg or adult version…..zombie sex….ewwwwww….hard limit there.

Sway’s also has Tom’s Raft out at this months Men’s Dept. and the ridiculously cute pirate photo props at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Both events will be ending soon…so don’t waste time getting to them.  The Miss Captain pirate dress from {yumyums} is also from the FGC…too cute not to wear whenever the pirate urge hits.

Also happening as we speak, Tales of Fantasy….that’s where [free bird]’s Bella the Parrot is from.  She talks and makes all kinds of comments to and about you and everyone else lucky to be around you.

The Liaison Collaborative theme is Route 66 this month and Sari-Sari made these awesome hitchhiker poses and pose props.  Both poses are from the set, as is the Anywhere cardboard sign.  Pop on over and check out all the cool chit this round, you won’t be disappointed.

Zombie Pirate Roxi:
.{yumyums}. Miss Captain Heart Dress {Pink} ULTRA RARE @ the FGC
*ARGRACE* HIKARI – Sandy Blonde
[free bird] My Parrot Friend – Green @ Tales of Fantasy

Zombie Pirate Jarath:
OtC eyepatch
[Deadwool] Tricorn, red
ARX LORICATUS Pirate’s Cutlass Scabbard

Sway’s [Boomerang] Chair . Melbourne for The Dreaming Tree
Sway’s [Tom] Raft @ The Men’s Dept
Sway’s [Pirate]  photo prop . rum barrel RARE @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate]  photo prop . speech bubble @ the FGC
!Ohmai: Flamingo 
Kalopsia – Pirate Island
Kalopsia – Shipwreck
Kalopsia – Floating skeleton
RE Old Wood Pirate Sign – Dead Men w/Skull & Crossbones
erratic / home – drink / pina colada
:CP: Margarita Beach Sandcastle

Sari-Sari hitchhiking 01 sign prop and poses @ TLC

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