The Tree of Life


Tree of Life

Yep…there’s that freaking adorable pink mousie again….she’s too cute not to put in another picture <3.  I’m going to use the excuse that she matches…even though she doesn’t.  What’s awesome is that she doesn’t have to match…part of the beauty of the scene.  It’s amazing with the top notch events going on around the grid right now, and given the different themes that they all have, that it’s really not hard to pull together an interesting outfit that works.  Case in point…The Seelie Court, Collabor88, The Fantasy Collective and We ❤ Roleplay.  Respectively….Fae, Gods and Goddesses, Voodoo Bayou and well…roleplay.  One of the best things about shopping events in SL is finding that perfect piece to go with…well…another perfect piece.  The other best thing is just the astonishing range of themes….you know you’re in SL when you can walk around in a voodoo inspired skirt and tree limbs wrapped all around you…not to mention golden boob cups….and no one bats an eye.


This month’s We ❤ roleplay is ending soon and I have to say, it may have been my favorite round to date…the designers just keep upping the bar when it comes to their creations.  The Seelie court has a bit over a week left and still makes me smile when I go….the sim is fantastical and just makes the shopping and avie watching that much more enjoyable.  Collabor88 is still going strong…as is the Fantasy Collective, 2 must see events that make your heart beat faster as you take in all the fabulous.  I keep going back to all these events…and always find something I either missed before, or just decided that I really couldn’t live without…like golden boob cups 🙂

Bliensen + MaiTai – Druantia – Autumn/Gold @ The Seelie Court
<SP> Urban Elf Ears @ The Seelie Court
~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair – Persephone – Solstice @ Collabor88
.Shi : TreeofLife – Creepers Top  @ Collabor88
PFC~Voodoo (LE) – skirt  @ The Fantasy Collective
Alchemy – Lok Armor – Breast plate – Gold @ We ❤ roleplay
[Manticore] Annabelle (mousie)
*MishMish* Little Pan with Pan Pipe – Dark @ Collabor88
TWS – Once Upon a Time Flower Field Tree Stump
*COCO*_Doll, female

Del May Black Rain pose

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