Eau De Boudoir

Eau De Boudoir

Boudoir has a few new outfits this week….no surprise that they are both fabulous.  I’m wearing Eau De Boudoir…a fabulous concoction of white lace and roses…I feel like I should be dancing to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”. In the rain…knee deep in murky water.  So romantic and daring and a bit “throw your caution to the wind”. Then, of course, a big ass crow fly’s straight at you and scares 10 years off your life.  About that crow…..maybe a month ago or so my friend Duchess IM’s me and asks if I like to take pictures with animals, cause Manticore is closing and selling their ENTIRE store in one package deal.  The ENTIRE store.  I’ve never bought an entire store before…so that in itself was kind of a deal closer.  I go, I buy the package…everything ever made…and we’re talking a freaking lot of chit.  It’ll take me ages to go through it all….and my poor inventory…I had just cleaned it out a little.  So the crow is from Manticore, as is the unbelievably, ridiculously, cute pink mousie (with a bell around her neck!) and super cute kitty that I used in my Breakfast of Champions picture.  Amazing chit!!!   The store is closed, but there’s a tiny satellite that , I assume for a very limited time, is still selling the entire store package for L3,000 with copy/mod permissions.  I can’t express to you what a deal this is if you like to use animals in you’re pics.  There’s over 100 different animals, avie’s, and fantasy …errrr…..thingies (dragons, golems, etc) in the box….amazing.  THANK YOU DUCHESS!!!!!!  I took this pic over at H22O, my favorite sim for rainy “interesting” pics.   There’s so many good spots to just stand and soak it in (no pun intended) …actually….there are no bad spots.  ❤


Also new this week is Grande…Truth’s newest must have hair.  Of course, we all know that they’re allll must haves….but still.  There are 2 versions in the box, one with the left side pushed to the back (the one I’m wearing in the pic) and the other with hair in the front on both sides.  Equally fabulous.  The bangs are optional…so yeah…gotta have them…and they add the innocence to an otherwise not so innocent dress (I just love those kind of dresses).  And bangs…I love bangs…all kinds….hint hint.

Also, Totally Top Shelf will be over soon, if you haven’t been…get there.  My necklace from Tantalum (isn’t it pretty!?) and eye shadow from {SONG} are both fun finds from there.

Boudoir Eau De Boudoir NEW
~Tantalum~ Ghadeer Necklace @ TTS
Glam Affair Livy skin, India 11
Kosh wet lips, blood
{SONG} ::Elemental eye shadow, winter @ TTS
Koketka eyelashes v.20

Manticore crow

Del May Meh-rry pose (full) and Kiss My Hand #2 (close-up) poses

Taken at H220

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