The Apocolypse


I’m from New Orleans…I know what the new “normal” is.  I understand having your life ripped out from underneath you and having no control.  This past Friday was the 9th anniversary of Katrina, an event that we don’t ever have to attach the description of hurricane to….just the name is enough. People here now use this milestone as a time reference… pre Katrina or post Katrina.  I live right outside of the city itself, in a neighboring suburban sprawl…but still in the same bowl…in a neighborhood, in fact, that had never flooded (which is amazing down here).  We had never evacuated…never…but gut instinct sent us packing the day before and we wound up in Longview, Texas….home of the kindest, most generous people I have ever spent 4 long weeks with.  We were allowed to come back when city officials had most of the power and water back up.  New Orleans itself was still under water.  We came home the day they opened the gates (literally, there were armed state police blocking all roads).  There was maybe a 10th of the population coming back at that time….and there was an 8pm curfew.  We had heard about horrible things happing after the storm with people who had stayed…looting, shootings…things in the Dome and other emergency sites that I don’t ever want to think about.  Nothing…and I mean nothing…was open…no grocery, no gas stations…nothing….for at least a couple of weeks afterwards…and even then…very few…there wasn’t enough people back to work at them… and those that were back were busy cleaning up their own messes…if they were lucky to still have messes to clean up.  Cell phones were mostly useless…no signals.  We would drive down the street to the National Guard station to pick up MRE’s and bottled water and everybody was on cleanup mode.  It became totally normal to see masks and gloves of all kinds on people ….in all kinds of dress and disarray. Didn’t matter what you did before…now you were in the deconstruction business…ripping out carpet and cabinets and sheetrock full of mold, mildew, asbestos and God only knows what else.  We were all dusty and smelly and exhausted from cleanup and looked like we just walked out of a Mad Max movie.  The new normal.  And ya know that tune that the ice cream truck plays when it comes down the street?  We would hear it every day…and everyone would stop what they were doing and come out to the street…not for ice cream…for hot meals…the Red Cross truck would make the rounds every afternoon.  No grocery stores = no food.  We lived off of MRE’s and the Red Cross for weeks.  There were no newspaper deliveries…no mail at all for a while…and the news was sketchy and localized.  Gossip mostly.  The news anchors and reporters were standing outside doing the news, their studio’s were either flooded or too damaged to work from.  No planes were flying overhead, but we did see lots of helicopters with baskets hanging from them (roof rescues)….and military…lots of military.  Everyday we would see on the news what was happening in the city…the symbols the National Guard was placing on houses (whatever part of the house was above water) to denote whether there were dead inside and how many.  We are separated from the city by a large industrial canal and 2 levee’s…..we were blessed to be on the side with the levee that stayed intact.  We would stand on that levee sometimes and look over into the flooded city and watch the helicopters go back and forth… the evening it was a ghost town over there…no electricity…no lights…no sounds…no birds…very few people.  It was well over a month after we were allowed back in that they finally secured and drained New Orleans and allowed certain neighborhoods back in.  By then we were well used to the new normal…those people were just beginning to learn theirs.  I will always be impressed with the ability of most people to adapt and overcome in and after a life changing event …to face adversity and become resilient in their new normal.

Apocalyptic closeup

All this because Uber picked Apocalypse for their theme this round :).  It was only fitting that I paired up Truth’s Rogue hair from Uber with PFC’s Voodoo outfit and Little Pricks tattoo from The Fantasy Collective.  The perfect gear for a new normal.  Rogue comes with the gas mask in different shades…with and without steam…and as such, fits perfectly with the hair…awesome.  There’s a neat version and a messy version of the hair…I have the messy version on….cause really, given the choice, why the hell be neat??  Uber just opened with some amazing creations and is packed like a can of sardines…but who cares!  Go anyway!  Check out the Uber website, facebook page and Flick’r to see all the fabulous creations.  The Fantasy Collective is still going strong….people love the voodoo/swamp theme and the creators really outdid themselves…pass by and find something you can’t live without ❤

Truth Rogue Hair w/ gas mask @ Uber
PFC Voodoo outfit, including color, shirt, leg bands and dirty leg tattoo @ The Fantasy Collective
:Little Pricks: Voodu Tattoo (chest) @ The Fantasy Collective
:Little Pricks: Tell me a story face tattoo
Corvus Never Forget Tattoo (belly)
Glam Affair Livy skin, India 11

F*cking Ninjas Panther Girl Pose w/ spear


3 thoughts on “The Apocolypse

  1. Great post!! I lost everything in Hurricane Andrew and know exactly what you are talking about. It took three months to get running water and every day was like living on a Hollywood set…without the air-conditioning (omg the heat was unbearable!) …. our water was contaminated by dead animals…. hundreds if not thousands littered our only fresh water supply, a canal that wound through the disaster area….. I often thought it looked and felt like the Apocalypse…. too bad we didn’t have a Tank and missile bras! 🙂

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