The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter

If a girl were a woodcutter…living alone in the woods with her pet crow…what would she look like?  I imagine she’d have to be pretty kick ass to survive on her own, of course, chopping wood is no task for the feeble.  Walking around with a big ass axe and an animal skull mask can’t hurt the reputation either.  This fabulous Woodcutter’s Cottage from Frogstar fits right into the woods…and hey!…would be perfect for a Snow White pic (you know she prefers the woodcutter over the Prince!)!  I’ve come to expect great builds from Ravenna, who I always say is one of the hardest working chicks in SL, and she always delivers.

The mask….oh you know you want the mask…is from Axix and is currently available at The Fantasy Room, which will be open till the 25th.  The Fantasy Room is one of my favorite events….such great bargains and all top designers of everything fantasy.  The 1st time I ever saw something from Axix was at a previous FGC…well over a year ago…and I fell in love…they were face tattoo’s and I still wear them when the need arises.  I can always count on anything that Elise makes to be unique and well made, be it her tattoos, poses or accessories.  I’d like to point out that the mask also works well with Argrace’s newest hair, Kaede!  Nothing gets in the way…you gotta love that!

The Voodoo outfit from PFC works here too!  It’s still available at the Fantasy Collective…if you haven’t been…you need to go….more fantabulous chit than you can shake an axe at!

::Axix:: WhereYouComeFrom Mask [Natural] Snow @ The Fantasy Room
PFC~Voodoo (LE) – skirt (not rigged) @ The Fantasy Collective
PFC~Voodoo (LE) – Collar @ The Fantasy Collective
PFC~Voodoo (LE) – thig left @ The Fantasy Collective
-ATTIC- Caged Butterfly Yellow Blue @ The Fantasy Collective
[Manticore] crow
Frogstar – Woodcutter’s Cottage@ We Love Role-Play

F*cking Ninjas The Wanderer Pose

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