Annabelle the Unicorn mousie


Once upon a time there was a mouse named Annabelle who wanted to be a unicorn.  (Next thing ya know she’s gonna want wings) I know right!  Can the mousie get any cuter?!  Well yes, as a matter of fact she can, just put a pastel unicorn horn with pink roses on her….bam! (Wings would be cute too) The ridiculously sweet horns are another offering from Folly at We Love Role-Play this month…and how can you not love them. They come in different colors for both the horns and the flowers…but ya know I had to go with pink….and look how good it matches the pastel hair from Exile and the fairy affair “outfit” from Boudoir!  Annabelle’s rocking the horn as well….bet the cats are gonna keep their distance 🙂  Hanging out with the mousie are [free birds] finches that come with the park bench.  These finches are awesome, once you place them out by their “home” they hop around and peck at the ground just like birdies will do.  You can put up to 6 finches in one home, like the bench, then just sit around and enjoy their company ❤

park bench

Folly – Pastelihorns White (Pink Rose) @ We Love Role-Play
Exile::Dancing on my own @ The Arcade
Boudoir Fairy Affair outfit

[Manticore] Annabelle

[free bird] My Pet Finches Park Bench @ Fit for a Princess
.aisling. Pumpkin freebie
HPMD (mesh) Sweet Garden Grass 07

*COCO* doll, female

Del May Giving pose

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