The Resting Fae

The resting fae

First: Boudoir <3.  The ridiculously cool grass and trees come not from Dr. Seuss, but from Boudoir … designers of wonderful and whimsical.  It’s always exciting to see what amazing creations Vitabela and Precious come up with…and it’s never disappointing.  A walk through the store is always a special treat…inside and out…an adventure to be sure.  Take some time to relax and go explore, you won’t be sorry 🙂

Second: We Love Role-Play opened with a new round a couple of days ago.  I looooved last months round and couldn’t wait to see what would make me happy this month.  Many things it seems.  I’m a sucker for anything fae, fairy, whimsical….it’s a particular kind of cuteness that pulls at me.  I like the dark side too…but that’s for another time 🙂  This uni-horn headdress from Folly…perfect with the new Kaede hair from Argrace.  When you wear a headdress…mostly any kind…you want it to be seen…and for that you need the hair to cooperate.  I love bangs and sweeps but they just don’t work when you have a head piece, be it a circlet, a crown, a headdress or a uni -horn.  That’s why Kaede works so well here…it’s pulled back into a high ponytail that lays beautifully down the back.  There are 2 versions, one has all the hair going down the back and the other, the one I’m wearing,  has part hanging over the right shoulder. 

Resting Fae 2

The horn has a texture change hud that allows you to really change up things, but I’ll tell ya….I like the way it was when I put it on…just like in the picture.  I did play with the hud (you just can’t not play with a hud) but I wound up going back to how it originally looked.  The tree that I’m laying on is The Resting Fae, a new pose prop that Dyer Maker has out at The Fantasy Room.  It has 10 poses, one cuter than the next….and none of them are common, run of the mill poses either.  I’m using 7 and 6 (respectively) because they showed off the hair, horn and dress well.  It’s always good when you can find poses in items that don’t make you look ridiculous with your clothing all askew. 

Did I say many things are making me happy?  Yep, yep I did…..I came across the !gO! dress yesterday while meandering through We Love Role-Play and it screamed my name.  I got the yellow and the white…I know…buying white right after Labor Day….but I love the way it looks!

One last thing….my mousie Annabelle ❤ ….I can’t love her anymore than I already do.  I popped her on the branch yesterday and looked at her from the back…..and guess what!?  She has a heart on her back!  How can you not love that!?  I’m so grateful to Duchess for telling me that Manticore was closing and selling the entire contents of the store in one box.  I would never have found Annabelle otherwise.  It makes me sad that the store is closed, I would love to anticipate more amazing creations like her.  You can still buy the store, 3,000L last time I popped over there to check….take the lm below 🙂

The elf ears are from Southpaw and are at The Seelie Court, which is closing tomorrow…so don’t delay…you’ve already waited till the last minute if you haven’t been!

Resting Fae closeup

*ARGRACE* KAEDE hair – Baby Blonde NEW
Folly – Cercle Licorne – Texture Change Horn Headdress@ We<3 roleplay
!gO! Fay dress XXS @ We<3 roleplay
Dyer Maker – The Resting Fae Prop @ The Fantasy Room
Boudoir Neon Orchid and Milkyway grass NEW
[Manticore] Annabelle (mousie) NEW
*COCO* doll
<SP> Urban Elf Ears @ The Seelie Court

poses built into fae prop

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