A midnight dreary

A midnight dreary

That’s right…bad ass chicks lay around half naked whenever they want.  In the moonlight. The serious moonlight (10 points if ya know where that’s from!) In killer cfm shoes.  Talking to crows….not freakish at allll.  Incidently…cfm does NOT stand for cubic feet per minute in this case…jeez…surely you do know what it means? 🙂

The Secret Affair opens in 2 days…….the excitement is building…and for good reason.  First…who doesn’t love the theme?  Melancholy Elegance with a touch of the Raven from Edgar Allen Poe…one of my favorites.  Second….the event set up is amazing….a dark, flooded landscape with the spooky atmosphere you would expect…great for picture taking.  Third…the creators….ohhhh…they have some incredible designs…things you simply can’t live without!

A midnight dreary closeup

The hair is the only thing pictured that is not from The Secret Affair.  Posy is one of the newest hairs from Truth…my kind of hair.   Soft and slightly windswept….gently pulled back off the shoulders.  Doesn’t interfere in the slightest with DRD’s armor.  Lacey, sexy, barely there armor…in different shades of metal and all modifiable…gorgeous.  My raven friend is part of May’s Soul gacha and is actually a crow (which makes him a little smaller than a raven…but still cool).  My crow is the Satan crow, and there’s also a holy crow…you gotta love that!  May’s Soul also had a spectacular dress….gonna have to wait for the next post 🙂 The pale, luminescent skin is by la petite morte called, appropriately, The Raven.  This is skin #2…out of 3 different versions…all with or without brows and/or cleavage.  The flowers laying on the chair in the top picture are from Azoury….they’re actually hand-held with an animation…but I really liked them on the chair…besides…the crow would try to eat them if I was holding them 🙂

A midnight dreary shoes

Then there’s the shoes….pictures just don’t do them justice!  By lassitude & ennui, the Nevermore heels are made for Slink high feet. Look at the detail and coloring in those feathers…and the little skulls on the end of the ties…..man…I love morbid ❤

A midnight dreary furniture

Lastly, the furniture….this is just a smattering of the great pieces that are being offered.  There is an entire set in a gacha by 22769 (I’m doing the whole set in a couple posts people!) but for this picture I’m using the drapes and the books.  The candles in the cage, The Nevermore, is also for sale at the event….love…love…love.  The chair….ohhh mahhh gahhhhhh…do you love the chair!?  By [fetch]…beautifully textured…appropriately gothy…and comes with animations ❤

You can’t get into the Secret Affair yet, but you can peruse their website and Flick’r to do some window shopping 🙂

la petite morte The Raven skin #2
DRD Melancholy face dark
DRD Melancholy chest dark
DRD Melancholy shoulders dark
DRD Melancholy shoulders dark
DRD Melancholy lowers dark
lassitude & ennui Nevermore heels (Slink HIGH) – black
May’s Soul satan crow
Azoury Bouquet of flowers
[Fetch] Poe’s Chair – Dreary RARE
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Nevermore Black/Gold
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Usher Window Drapes
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Rodericks Books

Del May D’accord deco pose

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