One more day till the Secret Affair opens!  Whooots!  More fabulous stuff to share for your window shopping pleasure 🙂  Remember the Satan crow from the last post?  Here’s the holy crow…isn’t he cute!


Again, the only item in the picture not from The Secret Affair is the new Posy hair from Truth…still rockin’ it…still gorgeous without getting in the way of shoulder pads.  I love the way it pulls into a loose low pony in the back and just cascades down into soft curls ❤

The entire Corina outfit, dress and accessories, is from Luas.  The headpiece almost perfectly matches the one that my holy crow is wearing (he’s a copycat).  The cheval mirror is from Ravenghost, the rest of the furniture is from [Fetch].  There is a pg version as well as an adult version for the sits and errr such.  I tried them out, but this is at most an R rated blog, so I won’t be sharing those details…..get it and discover for yourself 🙂

Do some more window shopping at The Secret Affair’s website and Flick’r and start making your list!

Luas Corina Headpiece RARE
Luas Corina Facechains RARE
Luas Corina Shoulder Pads RARE
Luas Corina Bracelet RARE
Luas Corina Dress Red White
Azoury Bouquet of flowers
May’s Soul holy crow
Ravenghost Lenorian Cheval Glass
[Fetch] Sylvia Curtains
[Fetch] Sylvia Vanity Table
[Fetch] Sylvia Vanity Stool
[Fetch] Sylvia Chandelier
[Fetch] Sylvia Lounge – PG
[Fetch] Sylvia Rug
[Fetch] Sylvia Vases
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Rodericks Books
*COCO* Doll, female

Del May Alternative babydoll pose

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