Saying goodbye


A Clockwork Spiral comes to an end tomorrow….a fabulous event for such a worthy cause.  According to the website, as of yesterday over $2,600 (dollars, not lindens) had been raised for the National Kidney Foundation…not bad for 1 sim and 2 weeks!  My favorite thing without a doubt was the skins and outfits from Fallen Gods.  I had the entire Anna set already, but Alia Baroque put out a new set in honor of the last weekend of the event.  Couldn’t resist…I’m a sucker for a kick ass outfit with a hat.  The wings…freaking awesome….were freeeeee…yes…freeee….at the event….are they not freaking awesome!!??  The website says the doors close in the am…so if you’re in the mood to visit an amazing sim and donate to such a good cause…pop over and be a last minute shopper…I just left there and there are still a good number of people wandering, so you won’t be alone ❤

Say goodbye

Last minute taxi to A Clockwork Spiral

GRETA ROST corset and shorts +Fallen Gods Inc.+
GRETA ROST jacket and gloves +Fallen Gods Inc.+
GRETA ROST target monitor +Fallen Gods Inc.+ R
GRETA ROST epaulette +Fallen Gods Inc.+
GRETA ROST legs +Fallen Gods Inc.+
GRETA ROST aeroboots +Fallen Gods Inc.
GRETA ROST upper leg badge +Fallen Gods Inc.+
GRETA ROST visor cap +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (WITH hair)
GRETA ROST ocuradar +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Materica female skin +Fallen Gods Inc.+ RUST Elegance
A Fallen Clockwork Aid +Fallen Gods Inc.
<SP> Puck Elf Ears  @ The Seelie Court until the 5th

Del May Inclined Salute and Standpoint poses

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