Saying goodbye

A Clockwork Spiral comes to an end tomorrow….a fabulous event for such a worthy cause.  According to the website, as of yesterday over $2,600 (dollars, not lindens) had been raised for the National Kidney Foundation…not bad for 1 sim and 2 weeks!  My favorite thing without a doubt was the skins and outfits from Fallen Gods. … Read More Saying goodbye

the steamfae

Amazing…but there is a huge countdown going on right now for so many events opening tomorrow…I don’t know where to start. The Secret Affair will open to a crowd of eager shoppers….my Nevermore hair is going to be a popular item :).   A Clockwork Spiral is also opening and is raising money for the National… Read More the steamfae


Today I went on and searched for “ninjas”.  The computer told me “ninjas cannot be found”.  Well played ninjas….well played. When you’re home alone and someone knocks on you door:10% say “Who is it?”64% look through the peephole25% open the door1% crawl around on the floor like a ninja and look through the window… Read More Aphorism