More fabulousness from The Gathering….whoots!   If you haven’t been… do yourself a favor and go….it’s so much awesomeness in one beautiful space.  Adding to the beauty is the Zyndra set from :Axix::.  With silver and gold metals, each piece is a work of art.  The necklace is the rare and is worth the pulls…this is not a piece that you will put away in the inventory and forget about.  The chrome horns are from Pure Poison…can you believe they’re a common?!   ❤


If you’re a gacha nut….well…you may go nutser (I feel like that’s not a word).  I myself like gacha’s but I’m not strongly attached to having to have rares or ultrarares…I like them, don’t get me wrong….but if it’s a color thing, I’m usually happy with whatever color.  That being said, I tend to make Darth crazy when I show up at an event, play once and get a rare.  Such was the case with 22769’s King chair.  I would have preferred the white Queen’s chair, since I’m a girl and all, but I never look a gacha gift horse in the mouth 🙂

The Gathering is only open till the 15th…don’t waste time…go nowwww!

Truth Hair Dariela  NEW!
::Axix:: Zyndra Bracelet Silver @ The Gathering
::Axix:: Zyndra Bracer Silver @ The Gathering
::Axix:: Zyndra Choker Silver @ The Gathering
::Axix:: Zyndra Necklace Silver RARE @ The Gathering
::Axix:: Zyndra Scepter Silver @ The Gathering
Pure Poison – Chrome Capri Horns @ The Gathering
*~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The King Black / Silver RARE @ The Gathering

[Manticore] Annabelle
[Manticore] Cait

Del May D’accord deco pose

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