The Gift

Again, proof that true love comes in all shapes and sizes ❤ More sugary goodness from The Candy Fair…..who knew it would have sooo much goodness!?  The beyond adorable candy hearts that Annabelle and I are sitting on are from Sway’s, another offering in the Fair’s gacha garden.  The Sweet Heart, XOXO and Love You… Read More The Gift

True Love

True love comes in all shapes and forms and no matter what it looks like…if ya love ’em, you’ll let ’em smash cake in your face…at least…you’ll let ’em try.  I was going to do this shot with the zombies cause Jarath said it would be funny…and it would…but I want to do the ice… Read More True Love

The Candy Bar

Well who doesn’t love candy?  When I first saw the name of this set from Sari-Sari, I thought maybe it was a giant candy bar or something…ya know…with poses.  But it’s an actual Candy “Bar”….like…3 mice walk up to the bar and order a chocolatini (yummmm) kinda Bar.  (Sorry, I made that up, I don’t… Read More The Candy Bar