True Love

True love comes in all shapes and forms and no matter what it looks like…if ya love ’em, you’ll let ’em smash cake in your face…at least…you’ll let ’em try.  I was going to do this shot with the zombies cause Jarath said it would be funny…and it would…but I want to do the ice bucket challenge with them (I still hate you for challenging me Leia) and we don’t want overexposure ya know.  So stay tuned to Jarath and I in our zombies, bickering as usual, getting all wet for a good cause.

My bestie Darth agreed to give up some of his precious time to come take a picture with me in the dolls…cause it just seemed cuter (don’t tell him it’s cute, he gets the willies).  I say precious because he hasn’t been on much lately.  He was diagnosed with kidney cancer last month and had surgery to remove the kidney.  He was in so much pain right before and after that he couldn’t sit at his computer for any longer than a couple of minutes.  It made him nuts because blogging, his sim and his friends in SL are so important to him.  He had a lot of love and energy sent to him (thank you Mae Mae) and he’s recuperating….grumpily. He has to take it slow, so what time he does have at the computer has to be important, hence my gratitude for him taking some minutes for me to pose with cupcakes (I had to tell him they were manly cupcakes).  I was going to call the picture The Cupcake Wars but then Darth asked “Whatchya  gonna call it.. True Love?”.  He was joking, but when his son called me after the surgery to tell me everything went okay, I told him to tell his dad that I love him like a fat kid loves cake.  So yeah, I named it True Love ❤

True Love

The name of the pose is actually Cupcake Attack.  It’s by Infiniti and available at The Candy Fair till the 17th.

Also at the Fair is Sway’s Sweet Living Room set. It comes with the rug, coffee table, chair and sofa. This is the cotton candy set…cause I’m partial to cotton candy 🙂

Moving away from the Candy Fair, the cuter than cute dress is from Pixicat…do you not looove Pixicat!?  I picked it up (along with a blue one and a brown one) at The Gathering, one of the newest gacha events with some awesome designers…like Pixicat 🙂  The precious pink hair getting ready to be smeared with cupcake icing is Anika, new at CaTwA and too cute to pass up….especially when trying to look innocent ❤

-Pixicat- Maiden Dress (yellow) @ The Gathering
*COCO* doll, female

Sway’s [Sweet] rug. cotton candy @ The Candy Fair
Sway’s [Sweet] Armchair. cotton candy @ The Candy Fair
Sway’s [Sweet] Coffee table. cotton candy @ The Candy Fair
Sway’s [Sweet] Sofa. cotton candy @ The Candy Fair

.Infiniti. CUPCAKE ATTACK – friends pose w/ cupcake props @ The Candy Fair

gonna have to wait on Darth’s things…he hasn’t been on since shortly after we did this and I need to get his list from him, I do know this much though: 🙂
Argrace hair with ball cap
*COCO* doll, male
FD mesh head

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