The Apothecary

The Apothecary

Ravenna Rossini of Frogstar, the hardest working chick in SL, made an antique apothecary…complete with all the accruements one would expect in such a place…for The Gathering.  Natural lighting through the windows and an airy open space are 2 big plus’s for this build.

The Apothecary 2
The Antique Apothecary is a Gacha, so it has 12 commons, 1 rare and 1 ultrarare.  Everything is 1 LI except for the ultrarare store which is 9 LI….9 Li….for the entire building…amazing.  Each play is only 50L…a true bargain!  My favorite pieces are the potions book and the mortar & pestle.  The book is hallowed out … a perfect place for secret potions 🙂

The Apothecary 3

With only a couple of days left at The Gathering, you can’t waste time.  The event closes on the 15th….make a date to get there and pick up whatever you haven’t bagged  ❤

The Gathering

Frogstar – Apothecary Store – ULTRARARE
Frogstar – Apothecary Sign
Frogstar – Apothecary Drawers – white (there are 4 different colors)
Frogstar – Hallowed out Potion Book – RARE
Frogstar – Pharmacy cabinet
Frogstar – Vintage wall cabinet
Frogstar – Artwork – Poison
Frogstar – Artwork – Cocaine
Frogstar – Artwork – Scurvy Tincture
Frogstar – Mortar & Pestle

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