the moon is my sun,

the night is my day,

blood is my life,

and you are my prey. (unknown)


Macabre is the theme of this new round @ Uber and I couldn’t be more excited.  What a perfect way to push the spookies past Halloween.  Boudoir made the fabulous Vampiressa outfit for Halloween….and as it happens, it is my costume for the evenings adventures.  The dress has both a short skirt and a long and the bat wings are separate, so you don’t have to wear them…but they are fabulous…so you MUST wear them.  Besides…the skulls on the waist and chest pieces have the same wings!  The parasol is included, as it a top hat that just didn’t fit on my horns.  There are 3 bloody lip options, along with fangs and an open mouth hud…I just chose not to wear them as my weapon of choice was the knife from Sway’s.  The tied up rope chair is also from Sway’s and is at Uber right now.  There is a clean version and a bloody version…but really….how could I pass up using the bloody one!?  Even better, the chair comes with extra blood pools and the bloody knife I’m holding….byov (bring your own victim).


Truth created Ambrosia for Uber…a long, sleek cut with straight bangs and a detachable headband sporting horns, a skull and flowers….perfectly macabre.  This is the first time I’ve ever worn brown….I think I love it ❤

Most of the makeup and eyes are from the Cosmetic fair (I freaking love those eyes!) and the cross like necklace is from Tantalum….it’s currently at the Unique Varied Event till November 12th (birthday reminder)  🙂

Ambrosia close-up

TRUTH HAIR Ambrosia w/headband @ Uber
Sway’s [Tied up] Chair . bloody @ Uber
Sway’s [Tied up] Knife . bloody @ Uber
Boudoir Vampiressa outfit w/ bat wings and bloody lips NEW!
Boudoir Cameo Necklace NEW!
Boudoir Vampiressa Parasol NEW!
~Tantalum~ Lucid  Unisex Necklace @ the Unique and Varied Event
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Belleza– Grace med #5 skin
{Dead Apples} Almost Human Thunder eyes – dried out @ The Cosmetic Fair
#adored – haunt eyeshadow – peacock @ the Cosmetic Fair

Del May Never pose

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