So the other day…I’m minding my business wandering through We<3RP looking for fabulous.  Found lots by the way.  I came upon the Ravenghost kiosk (is that what the booths are called?) and was looking in wonder at the steampunk tanks.  Raven had sent me one to try out and I was curious…you see…these are not… Read More Showdown

Of mice and dolls

More fabulousness from the FGC…which continues to be popular in it’s opening week.  MeshedUp made this set which consists of the incredible headdress (ULTRA RARE), necklace (RARE), belt and armbands.  I have the salmon colored set on, but it also comes in green (Annabelle the mousie has the green headdress on). *[MeshedUp]*_Headdress Salmon ULTRA @… Read More Of mice and dolls


Exceptional goodness from Axix for the FGC.  Zhilan is an interesting set comprised of a mask, a scarf, a bracelet and hand wings. Huds are included to change metal and fabric colors on the mask and scarf.  Then there’s the hand wings….who thinks of that!!?  Look how absolutely cool they are….they’re mod…so stretch them up or down…make… Read More Zhilan

Bon Appetit

More yumminess from the Xiasumi School Festival.  8f8 rolled sushi!  Ibi is freaking incredible when it comes to imagination and quality….the soup has steam rising from it and looks so good you can almost smell it.  There are 13 commons and 3 rares…and all look yummier than the next.  I’m a huge fan and have… Read More Bon Appetit

Decisions Decisions

I have a new event to add to my list of “don’t miss this”.  Xiasumi School Festival opened yesterday and holy cow….the list of designers is astounding.  Not only is this top notch shopping, but donations are being taken up for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief….win win!  This charity dedicates their resources, time, and money to… Read More Decisions Decisions

The Apprentice

That old sorcerer has vanished And for once has gone away! Spirits called by him, now banished, My commands shall soon obey. Every step and saying That he used, I know, And with sprites obeying My arts I will show. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1779) Well tomorrow is a big day! … Read More The Apprentice