Take me to your leader

I wandered around FutureWave yesterday….taking in the incredible build and immersing myself in all things digitally scifi.  I was getting ready to do a shoot with some of the awesomeness from the event and I wanted some extra inspiration….which means you go to the source.  As I said, the build is wonderful…I window shopped, parted with lindens and admired for ages.  Then I came around a corner downstairs and saw these adorable spacemen from MishMish in an intergalactic travel agency (clever!).  I inspected, took notes and reminded myself to head to MishMish right afterwards.  There was my extra inspiration….well…that and the amazing space photo taking up an entire wall next to the agency.  I took a picture of it and made it my background…added some stars and walaah!  A totally innocent (cough cough) woman enjoying a quiet evening at home listening to music and checking her intergalactic Facebook is visited by adorable if illiterate  aliens.  I’ll bet she doesn’t take them to her leader…I’ll bet she tells them she IS the leader and keeps them for herself!

Take me to your leader

From FutureWave 2015:
Anachron – Harmonic Helmet – Starship
[SAKIDE] Leyana dress – white
Bliensen + MaiTai – Bionique – Necklace – white
Bliensen + MaiTai – Bionique – Implant – Forehead – White
BP – Data Pad
MIAMAI_Le Blanc – Heels Silver (Slink High)
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Circuit body tattoo (tintable)
{NanTra} Nebula Chair
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Loudspeaker Flower
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hexagon Table
A World Made of Light -Concentric Rings A & B
A World Made of Light – HoloBox
*MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini UFO – Blue
*MishMish* It’s Aliens – Holding Photo

-Belleza- Celeste TLC med #5 br. skin w/# 1 matte lips @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement – zerkalo # 34 pose @ TLC

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