Green Grocers

The Arcade opened today….I’ll bet there are f-bombs flying as peeps try to get in.  I myself have my list at the ready, but am happy to wait a bit or go to the pea’s yardsale and scoop up what I can’t live without.  Everybody’s talking about 8f8’s Green Grocers set though…highly anticipated and so worth the wait and the lindens.  The attention to detail is, as always, amazing…absolutely amazing…in fact, pictures have a hard time doing it justice.  But here goes ……

The Green Grocer

Another with the welcome sign…I love the top of it!

The Green Grocer Welcome sign

Little bit closer….the pavilion is gorgeous….and pleeeease, check out the flyers on the message board! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Green Grocer closer

Even closer to see the detail on the fruits and veggies…and notice the 8f8 mark on the boxes and baskets!! ❤

The Green Grocer close up

The cloth on the awning, tables and such have a texture change hud as usual 🙂

Here’s the official vender poster so you can see all the items….is this amazing or what!?

8f8 - Green_Grocers-VENDOR_2048x2048

The Arcade

The Arcade Galley – off sim shopping

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