Yet more previews from the new round of We Love Role-Play, which opens tomorrow!

And just because I can…this is my 400th post!  I know to some that doesn’t seem like much….but my blog will make 2 in exactly one month and if you do the math that means I average a post every other day.  That actually inaccurate, as I post on average 5 times a week.  Way back in the beginning I had no one that I was blogging for, so I just posted whenever and about things that interested me or were intriguing in SL.  It took me a good 6 months to get on a roll (and to get better at what I was doing).  I look at my flicker and blog posts from way back and I can see so much of a difference…mostly good… although I would like to go back to doing silly pics every now and again with the zombies or the alien centipede….they always made me crack up ❤

Caroline final

We Love Role-Play  Now remember, you can’t get in till tomorrow!

[Entwined] Caroline @ We Love Role-Play (you know you want it)
Meva Feather Horns Brown @ We Love Role-Play
Meva Feather WIngs Brown @ We Love Role-Play
Meva Feather Earring Brown right @ We Love Role-Play
Meva Feather Head Band Brown @ We Love Role-Play
(Kunglers) Radija necklace – Gold & wood @ We Love Role-Play
[PUMEC] Inga Summer skin @ We Love Role-Play
Dyer Maker Random Female poses 03


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