Just a little closer

We Love Role-Play opened this afternoon and has been packed since the gates were flung wide.  One of the coolest items this round is the bone tail from CerberusXing…it’s kinda freaky swishing back and forth…rather like a cats tail when they’re laying in wait to pounce.  Make your way over…get a tail…perhaps some head armor or kick ass boots from Miamai ❤

Just a little closer

By the way… that’s a gryphon I’m getting ready to decapitate….he was one of my favorite purchases at this years Fantasy Fair…I’ll miss him.

Closer up you can see the detail on the pauldron and the headpiece, the cool hair/head armor……..not to mention the gorgeous ring set from ieQED ❤

Just a little closer (closeup)

We Love Role-Play

Pure Poison – Mohawk Head Armor – Brown @ We Love Role-Play
.::DD:: Aila Headpiece Rose Gold @ We Love Role-Play
Una – Irelia Collar @ We Love Role-Play
Una – Top Irelia @ We Love Role-Play
ieQED lina.ring.set.all  @ We Love Role-Play
>glYph< Valor Armor l small pauldron @ We Love Role-Play
>glYph< Valor Armor small rerebraces @ We Love Role-Play
>glYph< Valor Armor small vambraces @ We Love Role-Play
[EZ] Sword of Tully (Sword) -novo3, Shoulder Stance @ We Love Role-Play
[CX] Bone Tail (Silver) @ We Love Role-Play
Miamai – Artemis hunting boots – steel @ We Love Role-Play
[PUMEC] INGA Summer brown brows skin @ We Love Role-Play
[UN] Gryphon – Takeshi Companion
Del May D’accord deco (slightly modified)


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