The Conquest

The Conquest-

A Game of Thrones inspired event
Opening Date: Friday, June 19th

I have to open with the obvious…..did you see it coming?  Jon Snow, the bastard son of beheaded Ned Stark and Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was brutally murdered by his own men in the season finale of the show’s fifth season last night.  Betti, a FB and SL friend, as well as a rabid GOT fan, likened the scene to the Red Wedding…only worse.   Take heart Betti….Melisandre may yet save the day….in April when season 6 airs.

So,  following on the heels of perhaps the most shocking tragedy in Game of Thrones comes an event inspired by the epic story that we can’t seem to get enough of.  This Friday marks the opening of The Conquest.  Come immerse yourself and shake off the grief with some of the best designers to be found.  Have a look through the website and peruse the shopping guide as it fills with wonder upon wonder ❤

The Conquest

AD – sambuca – LIGHT BLONDES – NEW!
[Fetch] Archonei Earrings for The Conquest
:[P]:- Cephas Gown [XS]:// Angelik @ We Love Role-Play
ieQED, from the previous Secret Affair
[PUMEC] Inga Summer Skin @ We Love Role-Play
White Widow Crosswind tattoo
Bauhaus Movement Eva pose

Conquest event poster

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